Scrutinizer: Vision Simulation Browser

The Scrutinizer browser was released originally at the end of 2007 by an e-commerce training company and had thousands of users.  I had conceived of the idea and prototyped it, but a team of people brought it to a full embedded browser implementation.  I’m now bringing it back with an open-source license.

With Scrutinizer, you can demonstrate how humans see web pages, slowing down the experience by 3-10x.  This can be especially useful when observing a user interacting with your site. It’s loosely analagous to eye-tracking.

Demo vid below to  quickly see it in action — note the moving blue dot comes from an eye tracker.

There’s an additional almost 40 minutes of content in the launch video. It’s chock full of both goodness and hype with some of the spiffiest clipart animation you’ve ever seen.  There’s a brief intro by AJ before I take the mic, available on YouTube: pt 1pt 2,  pt 3pt 4.

This is one of my best software creations, and one of the few that ever appeared outside a corporate firewall. I’m really excited to be bringing it back!

Gory details at

Manual install here — easy installer coming soon.